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Recap of February 21, 2017, Meeting
President Kevin Nichols welcomed all to the February 21, 2017, meeting of the Rotary Club of Golden at 7:15 am with an invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance.  The 4-Way Test was postponed until the induction of new members.
  1. Jim McGuigan introduced Terry Laverty, a consulting engineer in Golden and a  Mines grad.  He is here today to discuss with our International Service Committee the need for financial support for students from emerging countries at the undergraduate level.  He is working to support this scholarship effort to help them meet their needs such as food, rent, books, and computers.  He also hopes to connect these students with the Mines Rotaract Club.
  2. Mike Bestor introduced his granddaughter Lilly, who is in 6th grad in Bell Middle School.  She just found out yesterday that she has been accepted into the I-STEM Program there!  Congratulations, Lilly!
            When Pat joined 26 years ago, he remembers sitting next to Sandy Algermissen who shared with Pat after his induction, “I’m glad you joined Golden Rotary.  I’m no longer the “newbie around here!”  He served as the club president in the 1997-98 Rotary Year.  Betsy Thorps preceded him, and Diane Kessel followed Pat.
            Pat was born in North Dakota, but he has no memories of it because his family moved to Montana so that his father could attend the University of Montana for journalism.  Pat had two sisters, an older sister who has passed away and a younger sister.  His father worked to support the family while at the same time attending classes and ended up working in the journalism field on campus.  His mother was a homemaker. 
Pat attended University of Montana during turbulent times.  Pat felt supported by having his father working on campus.  While he entered college with the intent to study journalism like his father, it was there that he discovered his love of “technology” and ended up with a degree in programming and technology and never looked back.  (NOTE:  He finds it interesting that his daughter actually got a journalism degree and is working in that field, just like his father!)
His first job with in Boise, ID for large engineering company.  He then met his girlfriend (later wife) who was studying medicine at University of Colorado.  So he moved to Golden and got married.  He worked for a software company that catered to ratio/TV stations and was located in the historic Armory Building.  Then when he turned forty, he hit a bump in the road; first a serious health issue, he got a divorce, his dad died, and his company (Golden Software) was struggling.  Once he worked through it, his life began to cruise.  He met/married Judy who has two kids/grandkids.  Today they are one big, happy family with two kids on his side and a new grandson (thanks, Emily!!).  Also, after 32 years, Pat sold his company, Golden Software, to a former employee and is in the process of backing out slowly.  Besides, Pat pointed out, he still enjoys going into the office, connecting with the people, while keeping an eye on the business, and “doing his own thing” in an office setting!
            On a more personal front, ten years ago Pat began to explore his ancestry.  He began to research his mother’s father, Pat’s grandfather Ernest Madison (1888-1932).  Through the years he hit a number of brick walls until the development of technology; DNA testing!  Through the “y chromosome” testing technology, he has found two closely related male relatives with the last name of “Beers.”  The “Beers” company was where his grandfather worked.  So, coincidence?  Who knows.  Time (and technology) will tell.  Needless to say, Pat continues to enjoy the mystery and the evolving technology that helps him explore new avenues of possibilities!
  1. President Kevin announced that Golden Rotary is co-sponsoring a fundraiser with Freshwater Project International.  It’ll be a BBQ to raise funds for clean water for Nicaragua and Malawi on Saturday, March 18, 2017, at 5:30 p.m. at The Buffalo Rose (1119 Washington Avenue, Golden, CO). Register:  WWW.FRESHWATERINTL.ORG  .
  2. President Kevin reminded members that the monthly Board meeting with be this Thursday.  See Kevin if you want to attend or have an item to be discuss.
  3. Peggy Halderman is looking for volunteers to help plan the Annual Banquet.  It will be at the Club at Rolling Hills on Thursday, June 15, 2017.  See Peggy for some fun opportunities!
  4. President Kevin announced that the International Service Committee will meet at the front table following the club meeting.
  5. Linda Diederichsen shared with club members and guests that the Youth Services Committee meeting will be held at the back table following the club meeting.  She is looking for volunteers to help interview RYLA/Young RYLA.  Contact either Linda or George Mitchell if you’d like to help.
  6. Colleen Jorgensen followed up on DG Bill Downes’ message about collecting mobility devices.  Colleen asked everyone to bring their devices to the February 28 meeting, and she’ll get them to Mt. Foothills Rotary Club.
  7. April 22 the Rotary Club of Golden is hosting a celebration of 30 Years of Women in Rotary.  It will feature Dr. Sylvia Whitlock, the first woman Rotary Club President.  Here is a long to register:
  8. President Kevin shared with club members that Dave Talbot, founder of Crutches4Africa, and awesome Rotarian had a series of heart attacks coupled with organ failures.  He was in ICU for a long time, into rehab by November 4, and finally back to his house.  Sadly, his house needs to be modified so he can move around in his motorized wheel chair.   ALMOST DONE!  All we need is $5,000 more to finish the modification of Dave's bathroom. Can you help us reach this goal in the next two weeks? Then he's DONE!!!!
  9. Tom Hughes was next with three announcements:  The first is to award Joan Osborne with her Paul Harris Fellow certificate and pin.  Congratulations!  Second announcement is a Polio update:  One new case in February.  Only one for 2017.  Finally, there are flyers on the tables about the Mental Health First Aid Class.  Slots are filling up fast.  The date of the class is March 18.
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