What Keene is saying: “We wear masks and socially distance!”  The Golden Rotary Peach Pick-up team will follow all CDC rules in place when you come for your peaches…“curbside pickup”…so everyone is safe.   By the way:  If you haven’t ordered your peaches yet, do it now!  Remember:
  • Where Can You Buy Colorado (yes, COLORADO) Peaches?  On-line through THIS link! 
  • Cost?  $40/box
  • Where/When is Peach Pickup Day?   Saturday, August 29 from 8 am - 2 pm in the Golden High School parking lot!
Got a question or concern?  Send me an email to:  GoldenRotaryPeaches@gmail.com
Peachy Regards,

Your Golden Rotary Peach Team
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